Why is there a practice membership fee?

Without this, I would need to have many more patients and therefore not be able to provide the same level of responsive personal service. I can keep track of exactly the number of patients I have enrolled at any time so that I can keep my practice to a certain number of members.

This fee includes services that are not typically covered by health plans, such as telephone and email consultations and allow for more extensive visits.


Is my membership fee reimbursable by my health insurance?

No. Insurances do not cover this fee.  However, if you have a Health Savings Account, please check with your administrator regarding reimbursement.


Do you make house calls?

Yes, when medically indicated or in the event a patient is non-ambulatory.


Do you have an affiliation with a hospital?

My credentialing is currently at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.


What insurance companies do you currently participate with?

We accept most PPO plans and Medicare. Please call the office prior to making an appointment so we can verify your insurance.


Who will cover for you when you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable?

Dr. Brar has several colleagues who provide coverage in her absence based on their individual availability.


Can I keep my current specialists?

Yes!  We encourage you to maintain all current specialty relationships and we will work with your specialists to provide integrated care.


What is the next step?

If you are interesting in learning more, we encourage you to call the office to schedule a visit where you will meet Dr. Brar and discuss joining the practice.  Contact Us.