How To Change Your Pillows To Get A Better Rest?

As we all know, when you are sleeping, your brain and body are also relaxing as well. That’s the time for yourself to recover and revitalize after a hard-working day. A person spends at least 8 hours a day to sleep, so it matters to have a good night. This article will provide you with several essential information to choose your right pillows.

Pillows helps you to have best relax

Sleep Posture

1. Back Sleeper

Approximately 20% of the population has a back sleep position. Your neck, head, and back are on the most comfortable and balanced state when you are a back sleeper. This posture is also highly recommended by doctors and experts because of its remarkable advantages compared to others.

Back sleeper with thin-loft pillow

Therefore, the ideal pillow for back sleepers is a thin malleable pillow. It depends on you to pick the proper height of your pillow, but the thing is that your pillow should be high enough to fill the gap between your head and the mattress so it can keep your head and chest on a straight line.

A soft and supportive pillow can reduce the possibility of a later twist of your neck and help you to relax your body.

2. Side Sleeper

For most people, sleep on one’s side is the most relaxing posture. For that reason, there is a large number of people who sleep in this way, and the appropriate kind of pillow for them is also different. Though, people sleeping on their side will suffer from neck strain and twist unless they change their pillow frequently to remain the pillows’ height.

Side sleeper with higher-loft cushion

In this case, the space to fill in is more significant, so anyone sleeping on their side should has a higher-loft pillow. The ideal pad should be of adequate height to keep your spine straight, not too high or too low.

3. Stomach Sleeper

When people sleep on their stomachs, their spine and head are in the most unhealthy and uncomfortable position, which may lead to many health issues related to muscle and bone. Thus, experts advise people to avoid or stop this sleep posture if possible to protect their health.

Stomach sleeper

However, what if they can not change their habits? The resolution is to find a low pillow that can lift their head to a proper height, keep their back and neck undamaged after a long time sleeping. Conversely, the solution above is just for temporary, changing sleep position is vital to prevent yourself from pains and aches.

Pillow Materials

Besides the sleep positions, pillow materials play an essential role in the amount and quality of your sleep. In the market pillow manufacturers have significantly developed their products.

Types of pillow material

There are several primary materials which is divided into natural pillow filling types, for example: feather, silk vs artificial pillow filling types such as polyester, memory foam and each kind has a couple of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your need, preference, and current health status to pick the most suitable pillows.

When To Rplace Your Pillows?

You should change your pillows after 1-2 years of using to ensure the quality of your cushions. Apart from the best-before date, if your pads appear several lumps and evident stains, you should immediately replace new pillows to protect yourself from the allergy, sinusitis, or acnes.

Pillow with permanent stains

One tip to lengthen the lifespan of your pillows is to wash your pillows cover frequently , at least once a week. This way, you can remove all the dirt and dust on the outside partly maintains the excellent quality of your cushions.

In conclusion

The information mentioned above, is all I want to share with you about how to choose suitable pillows and how to keep your pillows new and clean

I hope my share can be worthwhile and useful for you!

Thank you for reading!