Some Ways To Refresh The Bedroom

1/3 of our life is spent on sleeping, so the bedroom is where we stay the most in the house. However, due to the simple design, the bedroom is rarely cared for properly.

I think you will gradually realize that your bedroom is not as comfortable as it used to be and you are worried about how to change the bedroom to be more beautiful and comfortable. To address these concerns, in this article, I would like to give the bedroom design principles according to the advice of experts for your reference.

Add Soft Carpets

A floor mat will help you feel quite comfortable, especially in the winter. Imagine how wonderful it will be when you no longer have to put your feet on the cold marble floor every morning you wake up. Tapestry will help you welcome a new day in a more energetic way.

Consistent Overall Decoration

Most adults are afraid of decorating their bedrooms. However, decorating your bedroom according to your preferences is a way to make the bedroom more prominent and personal.


Sleeping pillows are crucial objects in a bedroom. How many should be in your room depending on your preference, but the number of  pillows should range from 1 to 6 pieces.

More Resting Places

In the bedroom, besides the bed, you should arrange an extra comfortable chair to serve necessary purposes such as reading, enjoying tea. The chair will make the whole room less monotonous.

Do Not Use Much Technology

Many people believe that having many technology items such as televisions, radios, computers. In the bedroom is very good for entertaining purposes. However, this is completely wrong. Technology products greatly affect the sleep of you and your loved ones. To have a good and comfortable sleep, you should minimize the use of technology before going to bed.

Display Your Favourite Collection

You can make full use walls or small corners to display your personal collections such as clocks or images but remember that they should not be too big and the collection of words shouldn’t be displayed, either. They will greatly affect your sleep. Decorating the collection in the bedroom is a way to make you love the room more, thereby creating a psychological comfort.

List More Bedside Shelves

A small bedside shelf with a lamp and your favourite books will help you feel more relaxed to quickly fall asleep. Moreover,  the shelf will help the room more sophisticated.

Focus On The Perspective

A bedroom will become more comfortable to sleep when the first thing you experience is a pleasant view out the window – as opposed to a direct look at the bed. If you’re designing a new bedroom or rebuilding an old one, try creating a composition that focuses on something as beautiful as a lake or as simple as your backyard.

Consider The Interior Layout

It would help if you consider the layout of all the items in the bedroom. One side of the bed is always placed against the wall – but what about the wardrobe, TV, chair and table?

You can work with your architect or designer to make sure there is enough space next to the bed and the room is spacious so that your bed can touch the 3 sides of the mattress.

Sleeping Mattress

And the last thing to help the bedroom become more comfortable is the bed mattress. A comfortable, soft mattress is the deciding factor on the quality of sleep. The choice of mattress should depend on your bed frame.

To choose a decent mattress, you should pay attention to the material of the mattress and choose cotton, springs and sponges. The life of a mattress is about 10 to 15 years.


If you do one-third of the principles above, I am sure your bedroom will have a huge change. What’s greater than being immersed in the sense of comfort of the space you love?

Hopefully, the above principles may help you in designing your bedroom.

Please tell me your feelings when changing the style of your bedroom.

Thank you for your interest in my article. Goodbye and see you again.